We do:
Responsive website development
Domain Registration & Web Hosting
Translations from English into Dutch v.v.

About has its base in the Netherlands and is run by Roelie and Roel Morsink.

TransVer started back in 2010 with performing translation tasks Dutch-English / English-Dutch, which reflects in its name, which is a composition of the English verb ´to Translate´ and its Dutch counterpart ´Vertalen´.

In the course of time developing and building websites became more and more important for us, partly due to our visits to Ireland which resulted in new (Irish) clients, who became interested in having a Dutch version of their websites as well.

Today we almost fully concentrate on building and monitoring responsive, mobile websites for B&B´s, guesthouses, holiday homes, and other small businesses in the tourist sector.

We now ´translate´ your ideas into a sparkling website.

Website Development

Developing and building responsive, mobile, websites for mainly small businesses, active in the tourist sector.

We aim at Bed&Breakfasts, guesthouses, pubs, self-catering holiday homes, restaurants and small hotels.

Nowadays it´s extremely important that your (business-) website renders well on the latest generation of mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, and so on.
Mobile internetting has become THE standard way of web browsing.
Today, so called responsive websites react appropriately to the various hardware they´re running on.

A website that is fully suitable for the mobile internet is thus of the utmost importance.
Most people only use their smartphones, tablets or laptops to look for and to book an overnight stay at a B&B, guesthouse or hotel, both in advance and en route.
We gladly adjust your website to these media or build a new, ´responsive´ mobile version for you.